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Dipolar announces the release of Professional Quest 2011.


SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 1, 2011 - Dipolar Pty Limited, developer of the class-leading "Professional Quest" suite of survey design, distribution and analysis products, today announced the release of Professional Quest 2011. The product will commence shipping immediately.

Professional Quest 2011 represents the sixth major upgrade of the software. With only limited release of Professional Quest 2010, the sheer scope of many of the improvements in the software meant that a full release did not occur in 2010. "Rather than releasing late in 2010, we made the decision to release early in 2011 with a much more feature rich product." said Julian Cole, the project lead for Professional Quest.

Full details on the major new features in this release are available from the Professional Quest Web site.

The Professional Quest 2011 Enterprise edition will be priced from $AUD2950 (plus GST for Australian customers) for a single workstation. The Platinum will cost $AUD1400 for a single workstation licenses (plus GST for Australian customers). Volume discounts are available.

Dipolar is a privately held software development company based in Sydney. Dipolar's Professional Quest suite of survey design, distribution and analysis tools has provided a cost-effective solution for the creation of Web surveys since its initial release in 1998. For more information, visit www.dipolar.com or call +61 2 8296-5928.

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