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Professional Quest is supported by a highly experienced team. All support is done by people either involved in the development of the software, or closely linked with these people. This means that the answers you get are well researched, and provided by people who really understand the software, both from a technical and a "real-world use" perspective.

All versions of the software come with full support free of charge for 60-days from the date of purchase. This means that you have access to the assistance you need when you first start using the software.

All our products come with an optional annual support & maintenance subscription. A subscription provides the following benefits:

A full year's priority Email, Telephone and Online support
All updates to the software (including the annual major update) provided at no additional cost

The annual support and maintenance subscription is highly recommended for anyone who intends to use Professional Quest on an ongoing basis. It ensures you are always have access to support, and you will always benefit from the latest release of the software (there is a major new release every year around June).

The cost of a support subscription is generally around 20%-25% of the original cost of the software. It represents excellent value, providing a saving of over 50% of the cost that would be incurred each year if you just paid for updates when they become available (the update cost for people not on a maintenance subscription is generally 45%-55% of the original software cost).

There are a number of different ways to get support for Professional Quest. Whenever you have a support problem, we recommend you take the following steps:

Check the Frequently Asked Questions to determine if the answer to your question is already documented
Complete the support request form, or email us directly at support@dipolar.com.au
Call our support team on +61 2 8267-2999 between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, Sydney, Australia time (GMT+10)

All support for Professional Quest is managed from our Sydney office. This ensures that all our users around the world have access to support staff with the highest level of knowledge.

Over 90% of our support is done through Email. Email support is highly efficient because related files can be sent as part of the message, and timezone differences are not an issue (in fact, we find timezone differences can be beneficial - we resolve the problem while you sleep!) When telephone contact is required, you can call us during our extended business hours, or alternatively we are more than happy to organise a pre-determined time for a call to be made.

Over the last 7 years, we have found this support system to work very well, and we are confident you will find the quality and timeliness of our support to be world class.

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Professional Quest 2011 Released
Dipolar is pleased to announce the release of Professional Quest 2011. New question styles, security enhancements and panel integration make this a significant update that benefits from our ongoing development of the software.

The software will be available to existing users immediately.
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