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Key Benefits of Professional Quest


The last thing you want to do when designing your surveys is use multiple pieces of software to create the end result. Do you really have the time to learn how to use an HTML design package and a database package to create your surveys, then use spreadsheet, charting and reporting tools for analysis? Professional Quest has all the tools you need to create, distribute and perform analysis on your surveys - in a single, easy-to-use package.

The latest release of Professional Quest represents the culmination of over seven years of continuous development and has involved direct input from existing users. If you want to conduct a web-based, EMail-based or network-based survey, there is simply nothing else with the price-performance of Professional Quest. We pride ourselves on having the most full-featured and easy-to-use product available. Many areas of the software, including some of the latest reports and analysis tools have been developed based on input from our users.

One of the key goals of Professional Quest is to make Web survey development easy, even for users with little or no knowledge of HTML. At the end of the day, there are only two things you should have to worry about when publishing the survey - what the content of the survey is (ie. what questions) and what the survey should look like (ie. logos, fonts, backgrounds).

Professional Quest's visual design tools make it easy to enter survey content, and format the survey layout, as shown in the following tutorials:

Adding Content to a Survey in Professional Quest
Changing the layout of a Survey in Professional Quest

A key component of Professional Quest's efficiency is that it has all the tools you need to create and manage surveys in the one package. You may ask why you wouldn't just use generalised software like wordprocessors, spreadsheets and Web design tools for your survey projects. Well, you could, and many people still do. After all it's cheaper not to buy specialised survey software isn't it? Well, actually no.

Even if we ignore the level of knowledge you would require to use multiple pieces of software, other issues such as the time it takes to achieve even relatively simple processes makes the use of generic software prohibitively inefficient. You will end up having to compromise on the content and functionality of your survey, and you will "fear" having to make changes once the first draft of the survey is created, because of the difficulty in making any changes, and the need to retest everything again!

Consider the following examples of the time that could be saved for each of the tasks you may need to perform:

Professional Quest
Generic Software

Initial design of a standard employee, customer or general satisfaction survey

Open a design template with professional content and formatting. Perform minor editing on question text & layout. Set up for Web distribution. Come up with questions, type them into a Word processor, format document. Paper distribution only viable option within time constraints.
10 minutes 4 to 8 hours
Creation of flow control to ensure only relevant questions are asked of each respondent Use the flow control manager to set up flows using plain english rules. All scripting will be generated by the software automatically Forget it!
10 minutes  
Distribution of survey to 400 respondents Prepare personalised EMail containing a link that automatically logs a respondent into the survey. Send out EMail Print 400 paper survey forms. Fold and place in envelopes. Print mailing labels and send via post.
20 minutes 4 to 5 hours
Collation of response data Import data into survey project from Web database. Work through each response and enter into a spreadsheet
10 minutes 2 to 5 days
Send out Response Reminders Send personalised reminder EMails only to those people who are yet to respond. Software works out the mailing list for you. Cross-match the original list of respondents with paper responses received. Send out paper reminders in the mail.
20 minutes 4 to 6 hours
Analyse Data Run flexible analysis reports. Filter and group data based upon the results in the initial reports. Create custom formulas in a spreadsheet. Hope that there are no errors in the formulas, and only do basic analysis because it takes so long to set up!
4 hours 1 to 3 days

Professional Quest is an "off-the-shelf" product, just like your word-processor, spreadsheet and Email applications. It is designed to be installed on your workstation so you can design, distribute and analyse your surveys yourself. Forget about expensive consultants and outsourcers - you are empowered with all the tools you need to manage the entire survey process, regardless of your technical knowledge.

Create unlimited surveys for any purpose at no additional cost. There are no response-based charges or hidden costs. Users of our 360° feedback module can even review an unlimited number of review subjects at no additional cost. A 360° feedback license limits the maximum number of review subject that can be set up per survey. Since there is no limit on the number of surveys that can be created, there is effectively no limit on the number of people that can be reviewed.

If you use a generic tool such as a spreadsheet, or perform analysis manually, each different type of analysis (eg. by age, region, department etc.) requires a significant amount of laborious, repetitive effort. What generally happens is you create basic statistics only, because anything else is too hard. Professional Quest changes all that. For example, cross tabulating your data by the answer to another question (eg. viewing the data by region) takes one click on the mouse!

You are no longer tied to your initial decisions when analysing the data. If you see something unexpected in the results, or want to delve deeper, the analysis is so quick and easy to generate that you can do it without hesitation.

The analysis tools in Professional Quest are supported by over 20 reports that have been specifically designed to meet all your analysis needs. Once you have created a report, your settings can be saved, and the report can be reprinted or adjusted at any time. You now have the luxury of creating your reports early in the survey process, then reprinting them with the latest data at the conclusion of the survey!

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