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Professional Quest is completely flexible, and contains all the question types you need to create virtually any survey. The product is founded on the notion that you can use it straight "out-of-the-box" to create surveys, just like you use a word processor to create letters.

You are in complete control of the survey content. We provide templates and survey samples, but there are just a starting point - you can add the exact content you need, and make the survey look just like your Web site.

While the MR and 360 degree feedback modules have been designed with certain types of surveys in mind, the base product can be used "as is" to create any number of surveys including:

Employee satisfaction surveys
Customer service & satisfaction surveys
Training needs analysis (determine key training and development needs)
Any other instance where quick Web-based data entry is beneficial

Professional Quest is suitable for all knowledge levels. If you've never used HTML before, and have no interest in the technicalities behind creating a Web-based survey that's fine.
In built themes can be used to give your survey a professional look, and all you need to do is enter the questions you want to ask. The rest is handled by the software, including the generation of the survey form and distribution to your Web site. Our support team would be happy to assist you in developing a theme that matches your corporate "look" - just ask when you purchase the software.

Highly experienced users of HTML and ASP scripts are also catered for. Professional Quest's use industry-standard technologies makes it easy to:

Create unique HTML layouts by creating your own survey template in a Web authoring tool (such as Frontpage™ or Dreamweaver™)
Edit the generated ASP survey scripts to perform custom actions
Automatically answer questions by passing parameters to the survey link
Use the answers entered in a survey for a post-survey process, such as entering data into a database, or sending an Email (using the response trigger functionality)

While Professional Quest is a fantastic application for many of our users, we understand that there is a requirement by some people that their survey tool is fully Web-based. Fortunately, we have a completely new product called Web Survey Creator that caters to people who need a Web-based solution. For a comparison between our two products, see the table below:

For further details about Web Survey Creator, click the link below:

General Surveys

Web Administration Portal
Employee Survey Sample
Customer Survey Sample
Training Needs Sample
Sample Reports

Professional Quest 2011 Released
Dipolar is pleased to announce the release of Professional Quest 2011. New question styles, security enhancements and panel integration make this a significant update that benefits from our ongoing development of the software.

The software will be available to existing users immediately.
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