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The tutorials below provide a step-by-step explanation of key workflows within Professional Quest. It is recommended that you go through the tutorials starting with the top tutorial and working your way down (the tutorials are in the order that the workflows normally occur).
Survey Design 
Creating a Questionnaire DesignThis tutorial focuses on the creation of a new survey design file in the Professional Quest Designer.

You will learn how to:

Create a design from "scratch"

Use a template as the basis for your design

Enter the basic details for a new design file

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Adding Questionnaire ContentThis tutorial demonstrates how you can add content to a survey design file that has been created in the Professional Quest Designer.

You will learn how to:

Add question groups

Create different types of questions

Use the Structure Window and the Property Sheet window

Use the Questionnaire Layout Window to review your survey design

Add questions from the question library

Import questions from other surveys

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Changing Questionnaire LayoutThis tutorial demonstrates the tools and properties within the Professional Quest Designer that can be used to develop the layout of your survey.

You will learn how to:

Change formatting on individual questions

Edit a survey's general layout

Change fonts in a survey form

Use layout themes

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Questionnaire Flow ControlThis tutorial demonstrates how flow control works, and shows you how you can set up your own flow control in your surveys.

You will learn how to:

Use "Live Preview" to test flow control

Set up flow control using the flow control manager

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Question Data PipingThis tutorial demonstrates how data piping works, and shows you how you can set up your own data piping in your surveys.

You will learn how to:

Set up data piping items using the data piping manager

Enter data piping codes into survey content (such as within question text)

Test data piping using the "Live Preview"

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HTML Content TagsThis tutorial demonstrates how HTML content tags can be used for formatting of a survey form.

You will learn how to:

Use "static" HTML content tags for formatting of text (eg. bold, italic etc.)

Create HTML image content tags

Use HTML content tags within the questionnaire content

Create question grid where each value is an image

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Project Management 
Creating a New ProjectThis tutorial shows you have to create a new Survey Project in the Professional Quest Project Manager.

You will learn how to:

Choose a design file to base a new project on

Enter the appropriate details to create a new project

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Setting up RespondentsThis tutorial shows how to create respondents to your survey and access respondent details through the project window and the respondent listing.

You will learn how to:

Understand the benefits of using respondents in your surveys

Browse respondents in the project window

Import multiple respondents into a project from a text file

Produce a list of respondents

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Distributing a Web SurveyThis tutorial explains how to create Web surveys that use ASP scripts in the Professional Quest Project Manager.

You will learn how to:

Set up survey publishing defaults

How to create a Microsoft-based (ASP) Web Surveys

The major settings that can be changed when creating the distribution files

Publish your survey directly to your Web server

Create a Web portal for viewing responses and statistics

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Email Invitations & RemindersThis tutorial explains how to send Invitations & Reminders for your surveys via EMail.

You will learn how to:

Set up and test Email settings within Professional Quest

Use an Email template

Filter the list of respondents to send an Email to

Customise Email messages, including adding integration symbols

View previously sent Emails for a respondent

Send reminders to survey participants who are yet to respond

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Collection of Web ResponsesThis tutorial shows how to collect responses from a database on your web site (which has been populated by an Microsoft-based (ASP) web survey).

You will learn how to:

Choose a collection method for a particular distribution

Understand the settings and checks within the import process

View the responses once they are loaded into your survey project

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Response ManagementThis tutorial shows how to manage responses within the Professional Quest Project Manager, including the printing of a basic listing of responses.

You will learn how to:

Navigate to responses in the project window

Add, edit and delete responses

Find specific responses

Produce a listing of responses

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Analysis of ResultsThis tutorial shows how to manage statistics within the Analysis tab of the Professional Quest Project Manager, and how to print a statistics report.

You will learn how to:

Show statistics in the Analysis tab

View and set properties for tabular and chart statistics

"Quick-print" a statistic

Produce a statistics report

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