Sample 360 Degree Management Survey

Survey Instructions

In this survey, you are assessing Xavier Balcells as their Manager.

Your responses will be combined with the responses of others and used to provide the employee with information on how others see his/her interactions. Your individual responses will not be attributable to you by the person receiving feedback. The feedback is reported as a grouped response score. Your individual responses remain confidential.

Please use the NEXT button when moving to the next section, the BACK button to return to the previous section and the SUBMIT button to submit your completed questionnaire.

If you are required to complete another questionnaire please select New Response on the confirmation page, which will come up after you have submitted your completed questionnaire. New Response will take you back to the table containing the names of the employees you are to review.

There are no right or wrong answers and it is expected that responses of those completing this questionnaire will vary greatly from individual to individual.