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This distribution method allows you to deploy your survey using Microsoft-based Web servers. One of the advantages as opposed to a Basic Web Survey is the ability to collect responses on your own Web server without any need to access the corporate Dipolar site. For a Web server to support ASP, it must be running a Microsoft Windows® NT Server, Microsoft Windows® 2000 Server or Microsoft Windows® 2003 Server operating system with the appropriate Web server software.

You may choose to either collect responses in a database on the server (recommended) or receive responses via Email HTML Web survey pages that use ASP scripting represent one of the most powerful types of Web-based questionnaire that can be created, and are the recommended method of conducting your surveys. Advantages of this distribution method include:

Gain all of the formatting and layout benefits of ASP surveys, including validations, flow control and multiple survey pages
Easy to set up on a properly configured Windows® NT/2000 or later Web server
Optionally features an advanced “Web Management Portal” capability for Web-based response management and real-time statistics (Enterprise edition only)

The distribution builder for ASP Web surveys provides maximum flexibility regarding how the survey will operate. For new users, however, the generation process is as simple as leaving the default settings, and pressing the Generate button:

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