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The 360 Degree Feedback Module extends the standard functionality of Professional Quest, making it possible to manage and report of 360 Degree Feedback Surveys. The primary use of such surveys is to evaluate the performance of employees and determine developmental needs. These surveys differ from standard surveys as follows:

Each response focuses on rating a "review subject". Multiple people will rate this subject, including the subject themselves
The relationships between the review subject and the "third parties" reviewing them are all tracked by the software, so that the ratings given can be dissected by relationship type
Reporting focuses on each review subject. An individual report will apply to a single review subject, and the report content will be based on the ratings given by everyone who has rated the subject.

The relationships that commonly exist in a 360 degree feedback project are shown below:

By involving a number of individuals that have first-hand knowledge of a review subject's performance, it is possible to get a valuable insight into how their performance may be improved. It also acts as an early warning to issues that may otherwise go unnoticed.

The 360 Degree Feedback Module is available for the Platinum and Enterprise editions of Professional Quest. The Enterprise Edition includes a 15 Review Subject License in its cost. The number of review subjects can be increased as appropriate.
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