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The review listing report shows a list of all reviews that have been set up in a 360 Degree Feedback project. One review is required to be entered for each relationship that is set up in the project, so this report is very similar in appearance to the User Relationships Report, except that it also includes the date each review was completed.

It can be handy to get a list of reviews to be completed prior to going live with a survey as a checklist to ensure that all the appropriate respondents and relationships have been set up correctly.

Of course, once the survey is underway it is also very useful to be able to determine who has and hasn't answered the survey. For those respondents who have answered the survey, you can also determine the date they entered their response. This can assist in determining the speed at which the survey is being completed, and may assist in determining when and if reminders are needed to stimulate a greater response.

What can I use this report for?
This report is primarily a tracking mechanism for 360 degree reviews. Uses of this report include:

As a checklist of review subjects and the people reviewing them (3rd parties) that have been set up prior to the survey going live

As a listing of all respondents yet to respond - allows informed follow-up to occur

As a listing of who responded to a 360 degree feedback survey
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