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The Gap Analysis Report shows the "gaps" between the ratings given to review subjects' skills, and the "norms" expected by their organisation. It can be used to highlight development needs for the individual. This can form the basis for their ongoing training to ensure that they can improve their performance in areas that are important to their career and to their organisation.

The report itself is very flexible. You can show ratings for a single question, or consolidate multiple questions into a score for a single "competency". The "rating breakdown" for each question or competency can also be set - you can show any number of rating bars, each of which shows the ratings for one or more relationships.

Examples of possible bars include:

Self vs. all third parties

Self vs. Managers vs. Peers

Self vs. All raters (including self)

The bars that can be created are only limited by the relationship types you set up in the survey design. Any relationships can be grouped together into a single bar.

What can I use this report for?
The power and flexibility of this report makes it perfect for in-depth analysis of a person's performance. Uses of this report include:

Determining the development needs of a review subject

Providing a clear indication of the differences in opinion of the different people rating a person (self, peers, managers etc.)
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