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The 360 Degree Analysis report is a powerful report showing at a glance how a review subject's self assessment compares with that of their peers, managers and subordinates.

Colored graphs can be used to highlight issues such as poor ratings, and large differences in opinions. The report is highly visual, making it easy to identify areas of concern simply by glancing over the graphs.

This report can be particularly useful as an overview of perceptions - it highlights areas where a review subject thinks they are better than everyone else thinks they are. It can be equally useful in highlighting areas where a review subject under-rates themselves.

Keep in mind that the report can be grouped by review subject (the most common use) or by question. Grouping by question allows you to easily compare how each review subject compares to other review subjects for that competency.

Note that unlike some of the other 360 degree feedback reports, this report only considers "third parties" as a group. This is not broken down further into individual relationship types (peers, subordinates etc.) This makes the report concise and easy to understand, but there may be circumstances where a more detailed report (such as a Gap Analysis Report) may be required. One of the advanced features of this report is automatic color-coding based upon the rating achieved.

A brief explanation of the report content is shown below:

What can I use this report for?
The 360 Degree Analysis report is primarily used to measure the gap between a review subject's own ratings, and those of his colleagues. Uses of this report include:

For measurement of the "perception gap" between what a review subject rates themselves, and what others rate them

As a highly visual indicator of major problems (for example, it is very easy to pick up large differences of opinion, poor scores etc.)
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