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The detailed subject review shows in detail what every third party rated a particular subject, and also highlights the subject's own responses. This allows a detailed analysis of a subject's results and allows easy comparison between the responses entered by all people reviewing a subject (including the subject themselves). This report is a good starting point to get an overall feel for the responses entered by a review subject and third parties.

Initial concerns, such as a large discrepancy between what a subject is rating themselves and what third parties are rating them, can be immediately uncovered. While not being as graphical and "sexy" as a number of other reports, this report does provide a very concise "window" into the data that has been collected for each review subject.

What can I use this report for?
The Detailed Subject Review is a great starting-point for any analysis of 360 degree feedback data. Uses of this report include:

As concise yet informative overview of 360 degree review data

As an initial indicator of possible problems (eg. serious differences in self and 3rd Party Ratings, one rater being overly harsh/generous)
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