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The Question Ranking Report considers the ratings scored for each question in the questionnaire, and then ranks these questions based upon this ranking. This report makes it easy to determine you strengths and weaknesses. The higher ranked questions scored the highest (and are therefore strengths) while lower ranked questions scored the lowest (and are therefore weaknesses).

This report looks at ratings from a different angle to the other calculation sheet reports. They consider ratings on a response by response basis, whereas this report is specifically comparing different questions against one-another. The other calculation sheet reports provide a great measure of how well the thing being rated is performing. This report looks more at the specific areas within the questionnaire, and asks the question "How do each of the areas rated perform against one-another?"

What can I use this report for?
The Question Ranking Report rates different aspects asked within the questionnaire against one-another. Uses of this report include:

To determine how different areas asked about within the questionnaire rate against each other.

To determine "strengths" and "weaknesses" within the area being rated in the questionnaire.
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