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This report summarises the ratings given by groups of respondents. For example, you could group all people in a particular department. The report is shown in a tabular format - both rows and columns can be defined. For example, you could show each department on a separate row, and have columns set up for different time periods (this month, last month, last year etc.)

The key element of any survey that could use a calculation sheet report is that it must have a number of ratings questions (from which the calculations will be derived). In addition, these questions should belong to certain "groups". For example, an employee satisfaction survey might have a group of questions that all relate to work environment. A calculation sheet could then be produced that shows scores for the different "groups", and scores for the questionnaire overall.

Unlike the Questionnaire Calculation Sheet, this report consolidates ratings into a single report. This report could be looked at whole departments, all responses within a certain period etc. The rows and columns of the summary tables are completely configurable - as with other reports, response groupings are usually used to determine how to filter the data in each row and column.

What can I use this report for?
The Summary Calculation Sheet provides an overall analysis of ratings, and can be used to look at different stratas of the data - for example, ratings by company division could be produced. Uses of this report include:

To provide concise overall ratings for a survey.

To compare different stratas of the data (eg. company divisions etc.) and different time periods (this month, last month etc.).
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