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The dual range analysis report provides a method of analysing they answers to dual-range grid questions. You can graph the average scores for both of the ranges, and perform analysis on the gaps between the values. The key purpose of this report is usually to determine areas when the gap between the importance of a particular area (eg. "Customer Service") and the rating attached to it. Something that is very important, but not highly rated, requires attention.

The effectiveness of the analysis can be improved by including "Rating Marker Lines" to show where important levels are in the graph. For example, anything above 4 out of 5 might be in the "high performance" area of the graph, whereas anything below 3 out of 5 might be in the "low performance" area of the graph. "Marker Lines" could be drawn at 3 and 4, and the appropriate areas shaded to make the important regions in the graph clearer.

"Improvement Area Rules" can also be created. Using simple rule formulas (such as "performance is under 3 and importance is over 4") can be set up to identify areas in the questionnaire that need to be specifically flagged in the report. For example, areas that have a low performance and a high importance could be grouped under a rule called "Critical Improvement Areas". This group would print in the report with a list of all questions that mean the rule underneath.

What can I use this report for?
The Dual Range Analysis report is specifically designed to analyse dual range grid questions. Uses of the Dual Range Grid Report include:

Any comparison of the relative values of the two ranges in a dual range grid question

More specifically, a comparison of performance vs. importance (for dual range grids that use these two ratings)

Highlighting of problem areas (ie. areas that are perceived to be of high importance but currently have low performance)
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