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The advanced banner report provides an easy comparison of different "strata" of the questionnaire data. It features a "banner" across the top of the report which can be used to create columns for analysis of different groups of data. For example, a particular group of data could be based upon the age of each respondent, with different age groups appearing as columns in the report.

Report rows can be made up of range-of-values and numeric questions. Calculations such as row/column percentage, mean, standard deviation and standard error can all be calculated. The report itself appears like a table.

Advanced features include the ability to flag significant relationships in the data (at both 90% and 95% confidence levels). This would make it easy to identify, for example, significant differences in responses due to age, gender, or whatever else is being shown in the columns of the report.

What can I use this report for?
The Advanced Banner Report is all about seeing how different groups of respondents have responded. It is particularly useful when there are clear distinctions between the respondents (such as through demographics etc.) Uses of this report include:

Analysing data based upon demographics - eg. look at how age, gender, income etc. affects responses

Analysing data based upon some other predetermined grouping (eg. departments in a company)

Any other analysis where you want to have a concise report with different stratas of the data side-by-side

Quick identification of significant relationships between different stratas of data
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