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The graphical rating report can be used for two main purposes - to print bar charts for one or more statistical questions in the questionnaire (effectively like a value range report, but with graphs), or to print "rating gantt" graphs that clearly show positive and negative responses to questions.

Advanced features of this report include the ability to have multiple sections within the report (each with a different formatting and contents), and the ability to show direct comparisons of different subsets of data on the one graph (eg. show a graph comparing each department).

Filter sets may be used to create comparative graphical rating charts. For example, if you have a "department" question in your questionnaire, you could create a filter set that filters on each department as a separate item. By applying this filter set to a graphical rating chart, separate bars will be shown for each department - thus providing a comparison between departments.

What can I use this report for?
The Graphical Rating Report is very flexible, and can therefore be used for a number of different purposes. Uses of this report include:

As a simple bar graph report for multiple questions (more compact than the statistical analysis report)

As an analysis of rating questions (eg. for "Strongly Agree" - "Strongly Disagree" questions) using Rating Gantt charts

As a mixture of bar/rating graphs, together with comments (using the multiple section features of the report)
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