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The comments listing report is a simple report that provides easy access to the comments that have been entered for a survey. Because of the simplicity of this report, it can be easily exported as RTF and opened in a word processor for further editing, or inclusion as part of another report.

Using the report is very straightforward - simply enter a filter (if you want to restrict what comments are included), select one or more text questions that have the comments you wish to print, then press OK.

You can use different fonts for "Odd Comments" and "Even Comments". This is important for making comments distinguishable from one-another, particularly when comments are quite large, and go over multiple paragraphs. If different fonts are not used, it is difficult to tell whether a break between comment text is a paragraph break or a new comment.

What can I use this report for?
The Comments Listing is the simplest way to extract comments for a survey. Uses of this report include:

As a hard-copy of comments entered for a survey
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