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This report shows as much information as possible in a compact "grid-like" format. The format of the report places some restrictions on the amount of data that can fit into the report, but the compact nature of this report makes it perfect to provide a large amount of information in a relatively small report.

This report is particularly good at showing responses to "range-of-values" questions, but other question types (including text questions) may also be included. If you choose to use relatively long questions (such as text questions) you will be required to enter a response limit to ensure that the report doesn't suffer from excessive amounts of information being placed into a small area.

This report features advanced functionality that is similar to the functionality of the Calculation Sheet reports - you can optionally include columns in the report that are based upon calculations using the responses to multiple questions. For example, if you had an employee satisfaction survey, and you had a number of questions about the work environment, you could add up the responses to these questions, and show the result as a percentage in a "Work Environment Score" column. You can even rank all responses by their score!

What can I use this report for?
This report has three key features - it shows raw responses, it shows them in a compact grid format, and calculated columns can be included to "score" and rank the answers to groups of questions. Uses of this report include:

As a compact hard-copy of responses entered for a survey (for surveys with a small number of questions)

Calculation and ranking of responses (for surveys with rating-type questions like Satisfied-Dissatisfied questions)
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