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The questionnaire results sheet report prints the raw responses for the questionnaire. It has various options, including the ability to filter what questions to show and what responses to include. This is the report to use when you want to look at the responses to the questionnaire, either on a respondent by respondent, or question by question basis.

This report is more "verbose" than the Responses Grid report. It should be used when you want a verbatim record of what was written, regardless of how much was entered. Note that these reports can get very long, particularly for large surveys with many responses.

If each response contains something that identifies the respondent (eg. there is a name question in the questionnaire), you can identify responses using this information. Quite often, however, responses are anonymous. In this case, the unique identifier for each response (which looks something like "ID15820021009164810") is used for identification.

What can I use this report for?
The results sheet is the only report within Professional Quest that prints a full listing of the responses to the questionnaire, regardless of the length of this data (ie. this includes the printing of the full text entered for large text questions, such as comments questions). Uses of this report include:

As a hard-copy of responses entered for a survey

As a printout of all comments entered in a survey.

If printed by question, the report can be used for visual comparison of the responses entered for a question
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