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The Printed Questionnaire Form is one of the design reports that may be printed from either the Professional Quest Designer, or the Professional Quest Project Manager.

The questionnaire form is a report that looks like a standard paper-based questionnaire form. This report may be used as a means for collecting answers for a questionnaire manually, similar to how non-computerised questionnaires have been answered in the past.

The Questionnaire Form is designed to be functional, and there is a certain level of flexibility when formatting the report. Note, however, that this form is not meant as a replacement for "sexy" forms that can be created in word-processors and page layout programs. If you have a particular requirement for a questionnaire form to look a certain way, you may need to create the paper version of the form in another program. The inherent inefficiency of using a paper form to collect survey responses dictates that in the majority of circumstances, a paper questionnaire form will not be required at all.

What can I use this report for?
Naturally, the most common use for this report is as a simplistic data collection method. Not everyone has access to a computer, or to the internet. If you need to get feedback from these people, you need to use a paper form. Uses of this report include:

As a paper-based survey collection method

As a simple overview of survey content - use for spell-checking, content-checking etc.

As a review document for third parties. Provide them with a paper copy to approve before running the survey live
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