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The Questionnaire Structure Report is one of the design reports that may be printed from either the Professional Quest Designer, or the Professional Quest Project Manager.

The primary role of the Structure Report is to show the structure of a questionnaire in a graphical tree format, making it easy to see the relationship between the questionnaire and the question groups, grid-questions, questions and sub-questions that make it up.

You may choose what information to include in this report. The information to show can vary from a simple listing of the structure of the questionnaire, to a detailed listing of the properties of the questionnaire and the questions within the questionnaire.

What can I use this report for?
The Questionnaire Structure report is the report  you use whenever you want a printout of the content of the questionnaire design. While printing the Questionnaire Form itself will provide details such as the question text, the structure report goes much further, and includes information (such as Question Identifiers) that are "hidden" elsewhere in Professional Quest. Uses of this report include:

Keeping a detailed paper copy of the survey design

To use as a paper check-list for reviewing survey contents

Identifying Question IDs (these IDs match the field names in the quest database)
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