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Professional Quest allows you to use your surveys as part of a larger workflow. Using Response Triggers, it is possible to trigger either the sending of an Email, or a redirection to another Web page, based upon the answers that have been entered into a particular response. The triggers are invoked immediately after a response has been submitted into an ASP Web survey form.

Uses of triggers include:

Sending of an Email to notify someone of a particular type of response (such as the disgruntled customer trigger in the screenshot below)
Sending of information back to a respondent based on their selections. For example, a respondent may indicate they want further information on a product or service. An Email with details about the product or service could be automatically sent to them.
Based on their selections in the survey, a respondent could be sent to an appropriate Web site at the conclusion of the survey

Multiple triggers can be set up. A single response may, for example, trigger multiple Emails. Each trigger rule is tested, and Emails are sent for all rules that are met. An example of a trigger for immediately dealing with unhappy customers is shown below:

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