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There are times when you may know the answers to particular questions in a survey, so you want to default the answers when the survey is loaded. This can be achieved by using URL parameters. The principle is quite simple - the IDs of one or more questions are included in the link to the survey, along with the default answers to these questions.

Let's consider an example where you are doing a worldwide survey for your company, but you are sending out the survey in a number of stages - each stage is for a different region of the world. Whenever you send out invitations to the survey, you know at that time what region all the respondents in that stage come from, so you want to default the answer to the region question. When the survey is sent out to all employees from Australia, the link might look as follows:

You may optionally decide to hide the question on the survey form, so that the answer is automatically filled, and is not even seen by the respondent. Multiple URL parameters (ie. for multiple questions) can be used in the same link.
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