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Response Kiosks are surveys that are entered directly on a computer through a small data-entry program. This differs from Web-based data entry in that a Web browser is not required, nor is internet access. The program is run locally, and the data is stored locally (either on the machine that is being used, or the computer network that the machine is connected to).

A computer kiosk allows you to deploy your questionnaire on a computer network. You can create a kiosk on your own network, or create a kiosk installation floppy diskette that can later install the kiosk on another network. Multiple computers can access the same Kiosk program as shown below:

You may optionally set up the kiosk so that users can password protect their responses, and may edit them at a later time after verifying their identity. There may be situations where there are a group of respondents at a remote location (for example, at a branch office). In this situation, the kiosk can be set up on a standalone computer, with each respondent answering the questionnaire in turn. The responses can then be sent back to the main survey location for upload into Professional Quest.

Questionnaires can be answered by network users or remote respondents without the need for a copy of Professional Quest to be installed. All major questionnaire features are available, including pages and flow control. The responses kiosk can be used for a diverse number of applications. For example, a response kiosk could be used in a classroom environment to collect teacher and course assessments. There are no licensing restrictions on response kiosks, allowing you to use as many kiosks in as many locations as you need.
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