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HTML Survey Web Pages may be created using CGI scripting for processing of responses. These types of survey forms can be used on Unix and Linux Web servers. One of the advantages over a Basic Web Questionnaire is the ability to collect responses on your own Web server without any need to access the corporate Dipolar site. Responses can be sent to an Email address or stored in an XML text file on the Web server.

Only some HTML features are available using this method of distribution. Surveys containing pages or using flow control cannot be created using this method - only single page surveys can be created. CGI scripting does not have as many customisation options as the equivalent Microsoft-based Web surveys. The settings that can be entered when creating a CGI-based survey are shown below:

The basic rule when considering whether to use a CGI survey form is that this type of distribution would only be used if you don't have access to a Microsoft-based Web server. The ASP Web surveys that can be run on a Microsoft-based server are much more feature-rich. Of course, if you are creating a relatively simple single-page survey, the differences between the two methods are not relevant.
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