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A Basic Web Survey Form represents a great way to create a Web-based survey that can be placed anywhere on the Internet (including free homepage sites). They do not require any processing capabilities on the host site. The survey process using this distribution method is as follows:

This questionnaire form is created in basic HTML (which is the simplest and most reliable form of Web content shown in Web browsers). All the processing is automatically handled by Dipolar’s corporate Web site (note that his processing is provided as a free service to our users). Responses are received via Email to the Email address you set up when creating the form. At no time are responses stored by Dipolar - responses are simply formatted and routed back to the Email address. No setup of any kind is required on the host Web site - just place the form onto the site. Any type of web server can be used to host the page.

There are of course some disadvantages to such a simple approach. Only some HTML features are available and surveys containing pages or using flow control cannot be sent using this method (ie. this method is only useful for very simple, single page surveys). Using Email as a delivery method is also less preferred than the database collection of the more advanced survey distribution types - unfortunately, as with all Email nowadays, responses may be delayed, or accidently caught by SPAM filters (depending on your Email system).
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