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The most efficient way to collect data for a survey is using a Web-based form. There are times, however, when it is impractical to collect data in this way (for example, some respondents may not have a computer, or access to the Internet). In such situations, a paper form may be the only practical way to collect the data. For this reason, Professional Quest allows you to produce a paper version of the survey form. This form may be either printed or created as a PDF (PDF functionality available in Platinum edition and above only):

Note that if you need to collect paper responses, there is no necessity to use Professional Quest to generate a paper form. You may already have a form created in a Word-processor, for example, so it would make sense to print the form from the Word-processor. Regardless of how the paper form is produced, the data can be entered into Professional Quest manually, or a third-party form scanner could be used for large numbers of paper forms (assuming there are no comments on the form, since comments can not be reliably read by scanning software).
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