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Professional Quest Feature

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This feature enables you to simulate your Web-based survey to do a preliminary test of validations and questionnaire flow prior to building a project.

This Local Preview Mode shows the questionnaire form exactly as it would appear to the end user. You can test validations and flow control on the form by entering dummy data and pressing the save button. Note that no data will actually be saved - the window will merely simulate how the data will be handled by the window.

The 2007 release of Professional Quest features a substantial upgrade to how the Live Preview works. It is now possible to enter Advanced Settings for the preview including:
Custom messages and navigation text
Customisable respondent data fields to text data piping
Management of buttons on final page
Showing of a summary page at the end of the preview
All changes to the preview are easily transferrable to distributions that are created from a design. This makes it possible to get all the settings right for a particular survey in the designer, then simply accept them as a starting point when building your distributions.
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