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Market researchers often conduct surveys where it is necessary to ensure that respondents are representative of the population of the particular market that is being tested. They therefore need to control the number and type of respondents - for example they may need to control the number of females and males from different states who complete the survey. This management of respondents is known as “quota management”.

The most basic form of quota management is the restriction of the total number of responses that may be entered into a survey. More advanced “flow based” quota control limits the number of respondents based upon their answers to certain “screener” questions in the survey. In general, the screener questions will be demographics questions, such as gender. If a quota is met, the respondent will not have to answer any additional questions in the survey (they will “screen out”). This process is shown below:

Flow control quotas allow for more powerful and flexible management over your sample. These allow the survey to stay open until all quota targets are ‘full’. These quotas allow you to collect exactly the right number of each group of respondents you are after. For example, you may want to collect a maximum of 100 people over 65:

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