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It is quite common in market research firms to ask a respondent to choose one or more products (for example) that they may know about or use, and then proceed to ask a series of questions about the products they selected. The questions are usually the same for each of the products. The Professional Quest MR Edition features “Page Loops”, which provide a quick means of generating the content and logic needed for such circumstances.

The basic steps in creating a page loop are as follows:

The source question for the loop (eg. “Which of these brands have you heard of?”) is created in the survey

Pages that contain the questions that will be asked for each value selected in the source question are set up

A Page Loop is created linking the source question to the pages that need to be looped

Once a page loop is set up, Professional Quest will automatically handle the creation of the necessary pages and flow control on the fly. A special data piping symbol – {loopvalue} – can be used within the looped pages. It will be replaced with the appropriate product name etc. from the source question

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