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Professional Quest is completely flexible, and allows you to enter any question you wish into the system. The number of questions that can be entered in a single survey is determined by two factors:

Version of Professional Quest
Database used to store the data

By default, Professional Quest uses a Microsoft Access compatible database (note - you do not need to own or use Microsoft Access to be able to use this database type). This database is suitable for most small to medium sized surveys (up to a couple of thousand responses). There is a physical limit of 245 questions, however, even in the higher versions of Professional Quest if an Access database is used.

Users of the Platinum Edition of Professional Quest and above have the option of purchasing an additional SQL Server module that will allow Professional Quest to connect to a SQL Server database (SQL server must be purchased separately from the appropriate supplier). Projects that are created using a SQL Server database backend can have as many as 1000 questions.

Determining the number of questions in a particular questionnaire is very straightforward, as illustrated below:

Note that it is always a good idea to keep the number of questions in a questionnaire as restricted as possible. The more questions you ask, the less likely a respondent will take the time to fully complete the survey.
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