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Drag 'n' Drop Ranking Question

There have been two ways to create ranking questions in the past - a ranked grid, or a question group with numerics that is flagged as a ranked group. The latter option now has a fantastic new option - showing the ranked group as a drag 'n' drop ranked question. Now, ranking items is as simple as dragging them in order to a ranked list. Let's look at an example:

Here we have already chosen a couple of fruits we like, but our second favourite fruit is actually Apple, so we need to pull this across.

Adding Apple as our second favourite fruit is as easy as "grabbing" it with the mouse and dragging it across.

OK, so it's easy to use, and quite pretty, but how powerful is this question? In fact, it is more powerful than any of the existing ranking questions. Features include:

An optional "don't know" checkbox, that allows a person to indicate they don't want to rank anything (Shown above as "I hate fruit")
Randomisation of items shown in the drag list to minimise bias
Full progressive piping capabilities for Quest MR users (ie. only show fruits the person has previously shown they ever ate)

Numeric Slider Question Style

So you want to show a numeric question as something other than a simple numeric data entry box? No problem. Numeric questions can now optionally be shown as sliders. So, if you don't like numerics that look like this:

You can show them like this:

Numeric Choice Question Style

Sliders aren't always the best way to display numerics. Sometimes you are after a numeric value between (say) 0 to 5. Rather than ask for a number to be entered, it may be better to show it as a "number list" as follows:

Need a bigger list? No problem - you can have a list up to 10 values as well:

Security, Security, Security

Nothing is more important for a public Web site (including Web surveys) than the protection of the site against malicious attacks. Professional Quest 2011 has undergone major improvements related to security. These improvements include:

Secure survey previewing (previewing on HTTPS sites)
Bullet-proof script injection protection

UNC Naming Support

For many of our users, UNC naming is of no relevance, however for anyone using Quest data from multiple machines pointing to a named server, it significantly improves their ability to go to different machines in different locations and easily gain access to their data. Now, rather than having to refer to the location of data with a drive letter, UNC naming is supported. For example:

You no longer need to refer to a directory as:
J:\Data\Quest Data

You could now refer to it as:
\\MyServer\Data\Quest Data

Panel Management System Integration

Professional Quest now supports full integration with our Contact Profiler panel management system. This makes it easier for our market research clients to either integrate with out SurveyVillage panel, or their own panel. Want to know more? Here is full documentation on how to use this feature:

Using Panel Integration in Professional Quest

Enhanced Microsoft Word Reporting System

Professional Quest's reporting system has been constantly developed to include improvements requested by our users. Our Microsoft Word report builder has been enhanced to further meet these requirements.

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