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Software Updates


Professional Quest undergoes continual improvement based upon client feedback, and enhancements that we have identified internally. It is highly recommended that you try and keep on the latest version of the software. You can confirm your current version within Professional Quest by going to the Help->About Quest... Menu.

The latest version of Professional Quest is as follows:

Software Version


Release Date

Tuesday, 9th October, 2012

Revision History

Click here to view revision history

A full uninstall and reinstall is required. The latest release features a new streamlined installation and update system, and therefore needs to be installed from scratch. For upgrade instructions, click here.

Download Installation for Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
Download Size: 33.7Mb

Software Updates

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Professional Quest 2011 Released
Dipolar is pleased to announce the release of Professional Quest 2011. New question styles, security enhancements and panel integration make this a significant update that benefits from our ongoing development of the software.

The software will be available to existing users immediately.
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