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Why use Quest MR?


Market research is a lucrative business. Software companies have seen this, and offer companies and market research organisations complex, monolithic and very expensive solutions to create Web based market research surveys.

There is no doubt that a small percentage of market research surveys require these "mega" applications - however most do not.

Professional Quest has been designed for the majority of market research surveys. It is powerful and efficient, without being overly complex. The key reasons to use Professional Quest MR are outlined below.

The most common license type for Professional Quest MR is a quarterly consultant's license. No version of Professional Quest has ever had a "per response" cost, and we're not about to start now. All you pay is a fixed quarterly charge (from around $US600 per workstation, per month) and you can use Professional Quest for unlimited clients, jobs and responses.

From around $US800 per workstation per month, you can even purchase a version of the software that can save the responses directly into a SQL Sever database. For full pricing, visit our online store or contact us at sales@dipolar.com.au.

Looping, skipping pages and managing response quotas are powerful features that are critical to many market research surveys - "powerful" does not have to mean "difficult to achieve" however.

Professional Quest doesn't require you to do any scripting to implement these features in your surveys. A series of "assistants" lead you through the creation process.

The Page Branching assistant is shown here. Skipping certain pages in the survey is as simple as selecting the pages to hide, the question that is used to determine whether to hide the pages, and the values that the question must equal. This example rule can be read as Hide Page "Recall Lays" whenever question "Lays Advertising" is equal to "Not Seen" or "Not Sure/Don't Know".

Professional Quest does not throw "everything but the kitchen sink" into its list of features. The features we have provided have been carefully chosen to ensure all but the most complex market research surveys can be run using the software. There is a diminishing return when more features are thrown in - they help a very small group of users, and only serve to confuse the rest, because the bloat of features simply makes the key features harder to find and use. The MR features we provide are clearly outlined in the Market Research Whitepaper.

Professional Quest is not designed to be used for surveys with more than 700 unique questions - but then respondents have not been designed to answer such long surveys! In the rare cases where our users are required to develop extremely large or complex surveys, they either outsource them, or only use more expensive packages for those surveys (and therefore only incur higher costs on those surveys). It's better to develop 95% of your surveys on an easy to use, well-priced, professional package, than pay an excessive amount for a product whose extra features are not needed in the surveys.

Professional Quest MR Edition Whitepaper

Professional Quest generates industry standard survey scripts and databases, and provides a number of export formats, including exporting to a native SPSS data file.

If you have specific requirements for a survey, you can edit the generated ASP scripts, and if you want to produce custom reporting, you have full access to the survey data. This "openness" gives you the ability to use Professional Quest to create and run your market research surveys, but then use other packages for other parts of the process.

Market Research

Why use Quest MR?
The MR Module
MR Whitepaper
MR Survey Sample #1
MR Survey Sample #2
MR Management Portal

Professional Quest 2011 Released
Dipolar is pleased to announce the release of Professional Quest 2011. New question styles, security enhancements and panel integration make this a significant update that benefits from our ongoing development of the software.

The software will be available to existing users immediately.
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