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360 Degree Outsourcing


We understand that often organisations want to have their 360 Degree Feedback processes run externally. This can be for a number of reasons, but the two key reasons are usually:

A lack of time - there is no resource internally to conduct the 360 degree feedback process
Protection of anonymity - often it is better to have an outsider conduct the process so participants feel more comfortable about their anonymity being protected

We provide a number of flexible outsourcing options to ensure you have the right support for your 360 Degree Feedback process. In all cases, we act as facilitators to allow you to achieve your 360 degree feedback goals through an efficient and cost-effective process. We do not come up with the content of your 360 Degree Feedback survey. Our outsourcing focuses specifically on running the survey and providing reports to you. This is generally the part that most organisations have problems with - they know what they want to ask, and they know what they want to do with the reports once they have them, they are just not sure how to run the actual process to get the reports.

An example of the sorts of outsouring services we can provide are shown below. In this example, there are only two inputs from you (shown in blue) - the survey content itself, and the list of respondents:

The process is relatively simple for us (and therefore cheaper for you) because we use our Professional Quest software to manage all aspects of the work. At the end of the process, in addition to the full set of reports, we also provide the raw response data (holding on to the raw data is a common trick of other outsourcers - they try and "lock" you in for next time).

We have developed Professional Quest as an "out-of-the-box" solution to your 360 degree feedback needs. At the same time, we are a provider of 360 degree feedback outsourcing services to those companies that need it. We are therefore well placed to provide you with what you need, whether it is an inhouse or externally run solution you are looking for. The three mixtures of software and services that we can provide are as follows:

Outsource Only The entire process is conducted by us. We use Professional Quest to ensure the process is efficient and cost-effective. Part of the cost to you is to "license" the use of Professional Quest for a single-use process.
Outsource and Purchase Software This is often the most flexible option - we do all the work for you at a fixed hourly rate, and you receive complete designs and projects for use in your copy of Professional Quest. This means you get your 360 Degree Feedback process completed quickly, and at the end of the process you are in a good position to run future projects internally (if you wish) using your copy of the software. Because you own the software, there is no "license cost" for us to use Professional Quest to complete your project.
Purchase Software Only This option will be the cheapest in the long run if you are happy to learn the software and run your 360 degree feedback process yourself. Because of how we license the 360 degree feedback module, you can keep reviewing more people (in new survey projects) at no additional cost.

360 Degree Feedback

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Professional Quest 2011 Released
Dipolar is pleased to announce the release of Professional Quest 2011. New question styles, security enhancements and panel integration make this a significant update that benefits from our ongoing development of the software.

The software will be available to existing users immediately.
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