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The 360° Feedback Module


Professional Quest has a 360° Feedback Module that specifically tackles the challenges raised by 360° Feedback surveys. These challenges include the tracking of relationships between the review subject and their reviewers, and specialised reporting requirements (including gap analysis, highlighting of development needs, and identification of individual and organisation strengths and weaknesses).

To fully appreciate the level of functionality and the quality of reporting available in this module, the best place to start is our sample survey and reporting package.

The survey shows the interface provided to each employee that must complete one or more reviews, and the reporting package gives some idea of what kind of analysis can be performed on each "review subject" that has been reviewed within the system.

It is also recommended that you review the "White Paper" for a step-by-step guide on how a 360 Degree Feedback Survey can be created in the software.

Sample 360° Feedback Survey
Sample 360° Feedback Reports
HR Survey Whitepaper

Professional Quest distinguishes itself from other 360 degree feedback software by solving many of the problems you may encounter with these other applications. A brief outline of the differences between using Professional Quest and other applications for 360 degree feedback is provided below.

Other Products Professional Quest
Pay-per-review licensing - every new person being reviewed costs you more money "No-nonsense" licensing - you license to be able to have a certain number of people being reviewed per survey project. You can create an unlimited number of projects, and you therefore effectively have the ability to create unlimited reviews at no additional cost. Click here for more details.
You are forced to use the same text for respondents reviewing themselves, and third parties reviewing someone else. This leads to "clipped" questions such as "Manages people well", because the text must work for both types of respondent. Different introductory text, help text, question text and endnotes may be entered for review subjects and third parties. Ask questions such as "Do you believe you manage people well" of the review subject, and "Do you believe the subject manages people well" of the third party.
Simplistic HTML layout tools. While nearly all products allow you to create Web-based questionnaires, many suffer from inflexible tools that create semi-professional questionnaire forms at best. All of Professional Quest's class-leading HTML design tools are available to you when developing your 360 Degree Feedback questionnaire, including Questionnaire Layout Themes, HTML Form Templates, Questionnaire Sections and Flow control tools.
Overly simplistic relationship systems that limit you to one "peer" relationship for example. This ignores the fact that a peer of a manager may need to answer some different questions to a peer of a junior (asking if a junior manages staff well, for example, is irrelevant). A powerful relationship system that allows multiple types of a particular relationship - "Peer of Manager", "Peer of Junior" etc. The respondents will still see themselves as "Peers" but internally they can be treated differently (including which questions they see). Professional Quest's standard flow control system has been enhanced to include relationship-specific questionnaire section hiding. If a review subject in a particular relationship doesn't manage people, hide a section on management style at the click of a button!
Use of a questionnaire with the same questions for all respondents, regardless of their relationship, level etc. Again, this can lead to an overly generic questionnaire that attempts to cater for everyone, because it cannot be customised for particular respondents. Create a single questionnaire with all the questions you want to ask of different people in your organisation, then customise it for each respondent, by only showing them the questions that are relevant to them.
Average reports that often do not take advantage of graphs (for example) to make visual analysis easier. Analysis reports feature powerful filtering and grouping options, and include graphical analysis of the results that can indicate problem areas at a glance.

360 Degree Feedback

What is 360° Feedback?
The 360° Feedback Module
360° Outsourcing
360° Licensing Explained
360° Survey Sample
360° Report Samples
HR Survey Whitepaper
360° Feedback Brochure

Professional Quest 2011 Released
Dipolar is pleased to announce the release of Professional Quest 2011. New question styles, security enhancements and panel integration make this a significant update that benefits from our ongoing development of the software.

The software will be available to existing users immediately.
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