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360 Degree Licensing


Why pay more, every time you want to review someone using 360 degree feedback? We'd hate for you to hesitate on reviewing some of your employees due to the additional cost. Our 360 Degree Feedback Module features the same "no-nonsense" licensing as the rest of the Professional Quest suite of products. The licence is based on the number of review subjects per survey. This means that in a given survey, there is a limit on how many people you can set up as being reviewed. Any number of people can review these people (including themself). There is no limit on the number of survey projects that can be set up, thus the licensing only affects how many people you can review as a single group in one project. The key points regarding licensing are as follows:

Get a license for the maximum number of people who you want to review (known as review subjects) in a single survey project
There is no restriction on the number of people who may be set up to review another person
You may create an unlimited number of projects.
Enterprise Edition comes with a 15 review subject 30 Degree Feedback license

Let's consider an example situation. Rob Phillips is the HR manager at Munklecorp. He has 60 people that he wants to review. There are two departments that have 30 people he wants to review in them. Within these departments there are two teams of 15 people that he wants to review. In summary, the breakdown of the people he wants to review is as follows:

The total number of people being reviewed is 60
These people are broken into 2 departments, with 30 people being reviewed in each
Each department is further broken down into 2 teams, with 15 people being reviewed in each

Rob needs to determine the 360 degree feedback license for Professional Quest that he should be using.

The most flexible option would be to purchase a 60 review subject license. This would allow Rob to review all people in a single project. He could also create department-wide and team-wide reports. This is the most expensive option, because it is a license with the highest number of review subjects.

The cheapest option would be to get a 15 review subject license, and create 4 surveys (one for each of the teams). There would be some more administration time, because he has to deal with more than one survey to complete the task, and the split-up of the data across 4 projects means department-wide and organisation-wide reporting wouldn't be possible, because the data is split up.

The compromise option may be to get a 30 review subject license, and do two surveys - one for each department. This allows Rob to do departmental reporting, and cuts down the administration time.

At the end of the day, the decision on licensing is up to the individual. The key point is that you are not forced to purchase a license that is big enough to do all reviews in a single project. The ability to run an unlimited number of projects gives you the option to lower your costs, and also allows you to effectively conduct unlimited reviews on unlimited subjects at no additional cost.

360 Degree Feedback

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The software will be available to existing users immediately.
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