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Revision History


Development of Professional Quest is an ongoing process, and we pride ourselves in our ability to quickly meet our customers' latest requirements. All patch releases of the software are available to current users of Professional Quest 2011.

An optimal score indicator line can now be added to the Subject Gap Analysis charts
HTML Code production has been optimised to more closely follow standards
Individual Competency Analysis can optionally have a graphical perception analysis
New Add Multiple Value optimisation for value item question creation
Full support for IE9 in advanced question types
Send Emails can now include comma (,) for multiple addresses, and semi-colon (;) for CC
Word Reporting System is now backwards compatible
Bug Fix: A stray "End Function" tag could appear in certain circumstances in a survey
Bug Fix: Consolidated feature in the Dashboard Report Rating Table now saves correctly
Bug Fix: Problem with single quotes around fonts fixed in HTML pages
Cookie expiry dates have been extended to 2030
Text pasted from Word now works better in the Language Manager
Bug Fix: Use of cookies for response limits is now correctly saved and reloaded in distributions
Bug Fix: Fix for drag n drop ranking question
Creation of data dictionaries for surveys with very large lists has now been drastically improved
NEW QUESTION STYLE: Drag and drop ranking questions
NEW QUESTION STYLE: Numeric scoring list
NEW QUESTION STYLE: Numeric slider
Progressive piping can now be done to questions with multiple columns
Bug Fix: Progressively piped questions with additional value items in them now show correctly in the layout
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