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360 Degree Feedback Surveys


Employee performance and productivity can be improved through the use of 360 Degree Feedback Surveys. They provide valuable information on what an employee is doing well, and where they require further development. Once you have decided to conduct 360 Degree Feedback Surveys, the next question is How will I manage the 360 degree feedback process? While there are many solutions available, Professional Quest provides an unbeatable set of benefits including:

You take control - no requirement for external consultants, saving money and improving your level of control
Full access to the data - data can be imported and exported with ease
Flexible reporting - developed in conjunction with large corporate and government HR departments
No hidden costs - unlimited responses and unlimited reviews (using multiple projects) at no additional cost

Professional Quest keeps the entire process manageable and simple. The key steps in a standard 360 degree feedback process are outlined below.

You start by entering content in the Professional Quest Designer. The time it takes to set the survey up is little more than the time it takes for you to type your questions. Advanced features include the ability to have different question text depending upon whether you are reviewing yourself or someone else. If you are reviewing someone else, their name can be part of the question (eg. "Do you think Jake manages people well?").

Content has been specifically separated from survey layout in the design process. Layout themes make choosing a particular layout a one-click affair. Themes are completely flexible, ensuring that you can set up a survey to follow your corporate "look" or match your Web site. Once set up, a theme can be used by someone without HTML knowledge to make their surveys look professional.

All respondents and relationships can be imported. For example, a list of respondents can be imported from a spreadsheet. Alternatively individual relationships can be created quickly and simply using Professional Quest's relationship builder. All that is required is information on who each respondent reports to in the orgainsational structure for standard third party relationships (manager, peer and direct report) to be created.

Professional Quests complete Email distributions system allows you to send invitations and reminders to survey respondents. Each respondent has a personal link that allows them to enter their own response, but no one else's. Reminders are only sent to those people yet to comp lete the survey. Other advanced features include the ability to track and deal with "bounced" Emails. You can use one of our professional looking HTML Email templates, or create one of your own.

Once respondents have answered the survey, the final task to be completed is the generation of 360 degree feedback reports. Professional Quest has a range of reports that have been developed in consultation with our corporate and government users to ensure the provide the most flexible and detailed information possible. While Professional Quest's design and distribution systems are class-leading, our 360 degree feedback reporting is what truly sets us apart from the pack.

Report settings can be saved, and reports can be reprinted with the latest data at any time. This makes it possible to develop reports early in the survey process, while responses are still coming in. A report run can be done at the end of the survey process using these settings, significantly reducing the time between the survey closing, and the results being available - the turn-around time is effectively completely dependent on how fast your printer can print!

360 Degree Feedback

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Professional Quest 2011 Released
Dipolar is pleased to announce the release of Professional Quest 2011. New question styles, security enhancements and panel integration make this a significant update that benefits from our ongoing development of the software.

The software will be available to existing users immediately.
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